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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Mom, exploring is dangerous."

My kiddos have the "opportunity" to join me as I gallivant around town in search of amazing sites to photograph. They are tolerant of my camera, but give me little more these days than a nonchalant "cheese", unbidden even, while continuing whatever they are doing. They don't even look at me! They get to be my props anyway.
The latest jaunt took us out Seguin Ave, or Farm to Market 725.  My oldest, who is five, asks me what we are doing. I answer, "exploring," to which he replies: "Mom, exploring is dangerous because you don't know where you are." He is so profound.
Well, we did eventually find our way back home. And look what we found along the way!

These are taken near an old bridge where Long Creek runs under the road just past Grove Lane. You'll see the "No Dumping" sign.

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