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The skinny on smiling. 

I am worried I'm going to make a few people upset by this one, but I think it must be said.
I remember one person -- just one -- in the history of all my picture taking who actually looked better when they didn't smile. And I was so surprised! Yes, serious faces have a place, but if your hardworking photographer asks you to smile, there is a good reason. Please try it! If your teeth are crooked, or even stained, so what! I'm pretty sure people who see you every day, who you smile at even, love you anyway! If your teeth really, really bother you, I can Photoshop them. Teeth are much easier to fix than frowns (although I won't unless you ask because I don't like changing people too much. Your smile is a big part of who you are!)
If you have braces . . . my philosophy on that is not to hide the stage of life you are in. My little girl broke her arm a few days before family pictures this year. My husband kept trying to hide her cast - I wanted to embrace and treasure this experience and record it! You don't have to be as crazy as I am, but I would recommend trying it out a little ;)

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