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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

So, picture this.  The springtime night air is a bit chilly.  Light from inside my parent's home is streaming through three sets of French doors, falling on the back porch where I stand in the beautiful white dress my grandmother made, holding on to my new husband, stunning in his tux.  Family and cherished friends surround us as we dance. It has been a perfect day. Our song begins to play and then, suddenly, FIREWORKS!  A complete surprise!  A gift from my brothers and sisters.  From the field behind my childhood home they light up the sky.  It is the most incredible ending to all the wonderful and all the crazy of our wedding.
Of all the wonderful wedding moments I cherish, this is my favorite -- which I remember through rose-colored glasses because by that time, my photographer had left. No one took a photo of it, or if they did I never saw it, or it didn't turn out, etc.
I have lovely photographs of my wedding. Images I will adore forever.  But all to often I wonder how I could recreate that one moment - my favorite moment - but know Photoshop, while amazing, can't do it.
And that brings us to the advice part. Book the whole wedding day! Don't miss your favorite moment because it will save you money. I would gladly go back and pay to see those fireworks in print.


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