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Monday, June 14, 2010

Love Story

In February 2010 my brother returned from his mission. My whole family gathered in Arizona, per my mom's demands, to take a family picture. The setting was the amazingly beautiful Gila Valley and I, working with timer and tripod, was privileged to take the photos.

Three months later my dad passed away. It was sudden and unexpected. During the days that followed I was told time and time again what an amazing blessing it was to have taken these portraits - what a gift it was to have our family all together in a beautiful image to remind us of that sweet day, and all the sweet days we have had together.

I feel strongly that I would like to give a little service. I would like to offer one FREE family shoot each month. I have discussed this with my "financial advisor" (aka my husband) and we agree one shoot a month won't break us.

You don't have to qualify for this - everyone with a family is eligible. Give me a call and we'll find a time to preserve a happy day with your family.

My Love to You,


  1. this is truly such a beautiful story! thank you for sharing

  2. That is a great gift to give. My father passed away in Jul 2009 and we have very few picture of him and no family pictures that were ever taken professionally and I regret that. I love your pictures they are great.