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Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm begging you. . .

If I could only photograph one thing for the rest of forever, what would it be? I read this question last week and the voice in my head shouted: Weddings! Because they are exciting and magical and romantic.
But then my heart chimed in with a quiet, yet strong "Families."

I think the greatest work I ever do, which makes the most impact on humanity, is family portraits.
This belief was reaffirmed just this weekend when I viewed a beautiful family portrait including the father of a dear family who was taken home too early.
I am begging you. Save these moments! Get a family portrait taken! Do it now. Do it soon. Do it often. Take them with any camera you have or hire a professional. And then, print them! Make them real.
Our families are just too precious not to.


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