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Monday, May 14, 2012

What is on the Negative Disk?

I was asked a great question today! One I hope I would have asked if I were the customer.
What, exactly, are the negatives?
When I shoot a wedding, for example, I will take tons of photos - I tend to go a bit crazy. The digital age allows this, although I was pretty spendy with film as well. I then take your images home and weed through them, selecting the ones that tell your story best.
Of those images, each and every one is color corrected - optimized for the best color and contrast. A few (I always say 20 but that is limiting myself. I do get carried away here too) get "edited." Teeth whitened, blemishes removed, eyes brightened, random flying objects deleted from the background (you can't control birds, bless their hearts), etc.

The process looks something like this:
Because editing is pretty intense and can be fairly time consuming, I don't edit every image once I've color corrected them. I do charge $5 for each additional edit requested.
All the color corrections and edits will be included on your negative disk along with a copyright release allowing you to print and share wherever, and with whomever, you like. I do recommend having your images printed professionally - either by me or the company of your choice. Walgreen's printing machines will attempt to auto correct your images and I promise you won't like the results.

Hopefully that helps clarify what a negative disk is. Thanks for the great question!

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